We sell sporting goods and consumer products through the sport community. This is how we retain as much funds as possible for the development of sports.

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RYVE is a sales platform for sporting goods, education certificates and other consumer products, designed to be integrated into the sports organization’s structure for FREE, with the objective of generating extra money to support teams and player's needs (equipment, tournament fees, travels, permitting fees, scholarships, etc). 

We work together with coaches, schools, clubs and any other organization that promotes the practice of sports, as we believe that sports are a great vehicle for social inclusion and education.

... it’s all about teamwork between sports organizations and RYVE.

While coaches and organizations promote their objectives and get revenue through the sales system, Ryve handles logistics, deliveries and setup of a competitive product catalogue for sale.

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We go beyond fundraising as we want to support the good quality of the product delivered on the field. This is why we provide and sponsor access to training for sport managers, coaches and parents.

better coaches make better players... chech more at http://www.ryvesportsinstitute.com/