It’s all about teamwork between sports organizations and RYVE.

RYVE is a sales platform for “sporting goods” and “education certificates”, designed to be integrated into the sports organization’s structure for FREE, with the objective of generating extra revenue streams and support teams and player's needs (equipment, tournament fees, travels, permitting fees, scholarships, etc).

While the organizations promote their objectives and get revenue through the sales system, Ryve handles the logistics, shipping and setup of a competitive product catalogue for sale.

The 10 RYVE basics

What do we sell? Top brands & top quality products...

Your sport organization will have access to raise money by promoting a variety of high quality products, as well as e-learning certificates. People in your community will now be able to buy their favorite sporting goods while helping your organization to develop the sport offer and quality. 100% win/win.

PROFIT SHARING. How benefits are calculated?

For every product sold at the organization’s customized website (, RYVE and the organization will share profit.

The Value Points (VP)

The website shows the Value Points that every product has. The VP is an index that tell us about how much a product can contribute.

1 VP = 1 Dollar

The organization gets 30% of the VPs of a product, and can redeem points either cash or equipment.


Some products have more contribution potential than others. The contribution potential is displayed on the website as Value Points, so both, the buyer and the organization, will know exactly which items will generate more money after purchased.



Sales can be done from the main organization structure or from the teams. Coaches and/or team managers have access to profit sharing for their team sales.

Depending on the objective of the fundraising campaign, the organization will decide if to promote sales through their own e-commerce site, or if to promote the cause using their team’s sites.